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We Custom Make Rugs

See Your Imaginings Become Reality

We would love to help you create just the right individual look for your home.

It would be great if it was always easy to find what you want ready made but the reality is that often it is hard to find the exact colour style or size you need. In many areas of style the trend is towards custom made items.

Times are swinging back to when people grew their own food, made their own clothes and footwear and took pleasure in creating unique home wares. We can help you to customise one of our own products to your exact needs, or we can assist if you are feeling creative and would love to be guided through the process of designing and ordering your own unique one-off work of art. In fact there’s not much that we enjoy more than helping people to be creative in their homes, whether by visiting and making suggestions on colour style and placement of elements, or helping realise brand new ideas.


We can help you to customise one of our own products to your exact needs

We can duplicate an existing traditional design or modify a design.

It is possible to combine elements of one design with another. If you want to do something that’s not been done before there are no rules to say you cannot. Please visit our warehouse for inspiration at 308 Penshurst street North Willoughby. We make a mean coffee, so bring your ideas photos and sketches with you and talk it over.

The price will of course depend on the complexity, size and style of the work. Come in and see what we can do together. Simple alterations and repairs can be done quite quickly while custom construction from scratch might be more like six weeks depending on the design and the construction methods. If you do not live nearby we can still help out. You may communicate with us by phone, text, email or live video (translation services available if required)

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