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Rug Cleaning & Repairs


We Are Experts in Cleaning & Repairing Rugs

Rugs Wholesale Outlet has extensive knowledge of how to care for and clean all kinds of rugs including valuable antique rugs. This means that we know first-hand from a manufacturer's point of view which treatment is best for each kind of rug. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your rugs are in the hands of experts who will give them the respect they deserve.

We keep a reliable spot cleaner and stain prevention formula in our warehouse (customers receive a bottle free with new purchases) and we encourage you to keep this on hand so as to be prepared, just as you would with your favorite clothing.

However, fine rugs need more maintenance than just spot cleaning and stain removal. Your rugs may look clean after vacuuming but over years, rugs can accumulate debris which can work its way into the foundation threads reducing the lifespan of the rug. Excess suction such as is necessary to clean fitted carpet, can loosen the pile or damage the edgings. It is important that a rug is thoroughly cleaned at regular intervals throughout its life to prevent heavy soiling. Rugs should be professionally washed at least once every 7 years to ensure a longer life

It is important to seek reliable advice quickly in the case of potential stains caused by food, wine, pets, or chemicals. Please call for advice as soon as possible.


Rug cleaning leaves your home cleaner and healthier

Rug cleaning leaves your home cleaner and healthier with the added benefit of the life span of the rugs being increased.

Indeed one of the huge health advantages of natural fiber movable rugs over fitted carpets is being able to lift them and wash them thoroughly. Domestic and commercial vacuum cleaners cannot remove all of the dust and foreign material.

Our 45 years of experience means we notice the little things that can lead to problems during cleaning. We check for stains, color fastness, past repairs or previous restoration work, and any current damage before commencing cleaning.

In order to draw on our specialist knowledge it is recommended you seek our advice before any kind of cleaning begins. Minor repairs may also be suggested.

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