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Rugs Wholesale Outlet Has the Largest Variety of Hand Made Rugs in Australia. At Rugs Wholesale Outlet our huge variety of hand made rugs lets you discover the exact rugs to suit your home.

On offer are contemporary, transitional, and traditional area rugs of all sizes. A legendary secret warehouse full of runners means you will have the best chance to find the size and the style you need.

Rugs Wholesale Outlet is a family-owned Australian Business operated for over 40 years by Michael and Moji, who both internationally source and choose only the rugs which satisfy their demanding standards for quality, style, and color. Whilst we have the resources to duplicate and custom makes any rug desired, we relish sourcing rugs from artisans who are free to input ideas into designs themselves rather than just follow a set design.

We prefer natural plant-based dyes and natural wool colors wherever possible. Our creative partners continue to surprise and delight us every season Our mission is to supply astute homemakers with rugs that will bring joy to homes and lives for many years o come. Rugs Wholesale Outlet can also take care of all your needs for rug cleaning, washing, repairs, or alterations using safe traditional methods. Your valuable rugs are in safe experienced hands.

Our History

Rugs Wholesale Outlet Warehouse represents the culmination of a long and exciting journey for the business founder Moji who originally came to rugs and textiles from a finance background thereby discovering his natural eye for design style and color.

Family connections drew Moji into the rug industry when his brother-in-law, Abbas, relocated to Italy to study Law. Abbas began to work in a rug shop in the city of Perugia in order to help fund his studies. Abbas told Moji how passionately fashionable Italians loved Persian Rugs and all things elegant and handmade. Italian buyers and could not seem to get enough of them.

Abbas asked Moji to try to arrange to send to Italy a few rugs in order to see how they would be received Moji started to learn about Rugs through his friend Behzad, an expert working in the rug market. With a lifetime of experience and traditional knowledge of the Rug Trade, Behzad helped Moji to make his first selection of about 50 rugs for Abbas. All of that first shipment of Rugs totaly sold out within a week and within a year Abbas had opened his own Oriental rug shop in Perugia.

It was necessary for Moji's knowledge to increase quickly and he was soon sourcing superior rugs from many areas. Once a year Moji would visit Abbas in Europe to find out first hand specifically what look customers were searching for. Soon Moji began to supply Rugs to Germany, Switzerland, Kuwait, and theMiddle East. His entrepreneurial success meant that he quickly became a respected member of the Iranian business community and by 1996 he was requested to investigate potential new business opportunities in Australia, Asia, South East Asia, Australia, and NZ.

Moji fell in love with Australia and in 1996 when Moji’s son Michael was 13, Moji made the momentous decision to move his whole family to Australia. By 1998 the family had established a business in Sydney ringing with them all their accumulated knowledge and experience. Moji’s son Michael began working in the business when he was Barely 17 years old traveling widely across Australia, personally transporting and exhibiting examples of fine rugs.

Persistence paid off and Michael’s efforts were a driving force leading to the success of the company today. Michael has enjoyed a working lifetime of seeing rooms transformed by just the right rug and is happy to share his experience with you.

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